My Xtranormal Video

En El Tren (2)
by: adumoch81

Link to GoAnimate Cartoon

Student Projects iMovie (Final Project)
Students needed to shoot a 2 minute video in which they describe their friends likes and dislikes.

Link to my VoiceThread

I created a VoiceThread in which I talk about myself, my family members, and what I like to do. Students can use VoiceThread to practice speaking in Spanish and even for listening comprehension.

Link to my Wiki!

I use my Wiki to post interesting sound clips, videos, images, and stories that pertain to class. It is a good way to expand on culture and other content learned in class.

Link To My Glog

This is my Glog about Spain. I will use it to teach students about monuments and reasons to travel to Spain. I included information, photos, and videos to peak student interest.

Link To My Blog

I am using a blog to show interesting ideas, activities, places, and literature that pertain to Spanish. There is some wiggle room within the curriculum for exposing students to such information, but I could never unveil all of this in the allotted time. Weaving some of these topics in to daily lessons will give students a broader view of language and how it affects culture.

Link to my Storybird book ( classroom visit assignment)
Link to my Lesson Plan (Storybird Assignment)

Create a fictitous family that consists of at least 5 people. Describe all of the family members. Be sure to write 5 sentences per family member.
Student Storybird Examples

Classroom Visit Assignment (Carol Smith)
I went to go visit Carol Smith at Memorial School in West Springfield. She showed me a very interesting program that is being used to foster a life-long love of reading. Above are my thoughts on this amazing program.

Link to other Storybird

This is an example of a Storybird where the main character tells what her perfect world would look like. I plan to have my students describe their perfect world in a Storybird toward the end of the year.

Link to My Imovie (House and Home)

This is an Imovie that I created to teach house and home vocabulary and how to express likes and dislikes. It is also interesting because students get to see what my house looks like