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Classroom Observation Assignment

This is the Voice Thread I started with my students. I have not recorded their stories yet because they have not finished writing them.

This is the Storybird my class created from this lesson plan.

I used Google Forms to create this survey.

Xtranormal video

Cookie Jar
by: awalthouse

Animoto video for Digraphs sh and ch

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Animoto video for Digraphs th and wh

Make your own slideshow with music at Animoto.

Google Custom Search for American Symbols online activities

Here is a link to a number of traditional Nursery Rhymes from Hoopla Kidz. Many English Language Learners have never heard or sung a nursery rhyme. Listening to and learning nursery rhymes helps ELL's learn the rhythm of the English Language. It also helps with onset and rhyme, skills necessary for beginner and emergent readers.


In first grade we discuss the symbols of the United States. Since it it an election year we will also talk about voting.

911: White House Grounds, 09/14/2001. by The U.S. National Archives
911: White House Grounds, 09/14/2001. by The U.S. National Archives

The White House

Here is my Storybird. This will be used to model how to write a story for first grade students. Half of the class are intermediate level English Language Learners.

Sticky Bear, Sticky Bear,What do you see? by awalthouse on Storybird

Here is a link to my Wiki Page. It will be used to keep parents up to date about what we are doing in the classroom.