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This is a blended learning professional development course developed and delivered by the Institute for Research and Innovative Education at the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative (LPVEC).

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Online Collaborative Inquiry 2014 Registration

Course Syllabus

Online Collaborative Inquiry Fall 2014
Online Reading Comprehension Fall 2014

The Online Collaborative Inquiry course will be using the blended learning model using Google sites and Google groups.
OCI Course Website

The Online Reading Comprehension course will be using the blended learning model using Moodle at this site

The goal of ITECC is to close the gap between delivery of professional development and real integration of technology into the curriculum. Teachers will be enrolled in a 12-week semester length course where they will master the skills necessary to implement 21st century skills in their classrooms. The teachers will use digital tools to develop a lesson plan designed to use the new literacies and enhance their curriculum. The will also develop mastery of a set of technology tools they can use in their professional lives and in their curricula.

ITECC is broken into three strands of the new literacies: Online Content Construction, Online Reading Comprehension, and Online Collaborative Inquiry, each with it's own 12-week course. There is a small amount of overlap in concepts between the courses, since they all relate back to the new literacies, but they all have their own set of digital tools to be covered. And even though you'll learn about the tools within a certain strand, most of them can be used for each of the three areas.

If you are interested in learning more about this course or applying to take it, please contact:

Jim Walker or
Zach Smith

Course Requirements for PDP's and/or graduate credit

The course is taught through the Moodle site . To create an account click on the Login link and follow the instruction for creating a new account.

Address for Face-to-Face Classes:
174 Brush Hill Ave.
West Springfield, MA 01089